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Teko Tinting & Engineering

Dispensing Solutions

Fluid Management manual and automatic dispensers will help your paint department run as smooth as silk so you can make more money.

Mixing Solutions

Fast & Fluid Management's paint dispensers and paint mixing and shaking equipment make custom blending easy and flexible.

Software Automation

Our cutting-edge R&D department is dedicated to developing our innovative, efficient and user- friendly software for over 30 years in the paint industries.

Plant Engineering

From the green field project to factory expansion, we are ready to help you design and execute your plan effectively and cost-efficient.

About Us

Based in Malaysia with office and warehouse in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, Teko Tinting and Engineering is an ideal technological platform and experience to enhance your growth in the paint and coating industry.

Teko Tinting and Engineering manufactures integrated tinting systems that improve efficiency by automating the process of ink, paint and chemical dispensing and mixing. Teko systems guarantee highly accurate colors consistently, precisely and instantly.

Our cutting-edge R & D department is dedicated to developing our innovative, efficient and user-friendly software. Available in 30 languages, our software can operate anything from small compact units to complex industrial systems.

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